When P was placed with Capstone foster carers  she had been in a difficult situation for over 2 years. P was struggling to feel happy and had fallen behind at school.

P was very isolated, and had disengaged from education. She didn’t have a routine and spent lots of time alone. It was difficult for P to speak to anyone involved in her care and she wasn’t able to reflect positively on the future.

P gradually started to engage with the carers who remained child focused and positive. The foster carers worked alongside professionals to support the young person to avoid any negative behaviour.

In time, the carers were able to build a positive and trusting relationship with P, who formed a routine and developed the confidence to re-engage with education and her peers.

P is a bright girl, and was able to catch up on over 2 years of school work and made significant progress with the additional support of regular tuition. By September 2015 P was in mainstream school working alongside her peers, with whom she had made a core friendship group.

P and LesleyThese days, P is excelling academically, and has aspirations of university so she can become a Vet or Marine Biologist. P takes pride in her appearance and is looking forward to sharing her 3rd birthday celebration with her foster carers. P has built up a genuine relationship with her foster family, and when she was on a recent family holiday with her birth mum, she picked up a souvenir for her foster mum which said: “Thank you for not giving up on me!”

Feedback from LA social worker to foster carer L:

“P has come so far and we are all incredibly proud of her!  She is a perfect example of how you can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances.  I wanted to say thank you to you and D for all the hard work and commitment you put in with P.  I know how special P is to you but you are excellent carers and I’m so glad she has your support.”

When Tammy joined her fostering family at age 15 her confidence and self esteem was really low. She found it hard to eat with others and didn’t have very many life skills. To quote Tammy during a recent interview, she said: “I wouldn’t say I had a great start in life”.

At school, Tammy had some friends but they weren’t real friends. Looking back Tammy can reflect that they may have taken advantage of her.

Tammy has been living with the McGlade family who fostered her for 4 years. She is now 19 and staying put. When she was 17 she started to prepare for independence, but as time went by neither Tammy nor the McGlade’s could or wanted to say goodbye.

This is when a decision was reached to allow Tammy to stay put, so that she could feel part of the family and relax, without feeling there was any need to leave or move again, which might have disrupted Tammy’s plan to go to college. Over the years, Tammy has become part of the family, and in 2014, alongside the wishes of the family, Tammy decided to adopt the family name McGlade as her surname. The McGlade’s are no longer Tammy’s fostering family, but her own family with whom she has built real bonds, and a relationship for life.

Tammy now goes to college 4 days a week, she is studying farming due to her love of animals. Tammy travels on the bus independently, and has good friends, whom she has learnt how to trust.

Watch: Tammy talks about staying put: https://youtu.be/0sw-Aie-sFc 

Watch: Tammy’s video on Father’s day

Tammy for web

Mark, Tammy and Michelle talk about staying put and changing names

I came as an unaccompanied minor when I was 10 years old. I started to attend school and eventually made my way to secondary school where I did my GCSEs and A levels and was able to complete them with A* in Maths, A in Chemistry and a B in Further Maths. These grades allowed me to attend Queen Mary University where I’m currently studying Maths.


My teenage years were great and I was brought up in a loving and structured , caring family with many good memories and quality time with my family at home and on trips. Finally, I was glad to be in a nurturing and loving family who paved the way for a brighter future for me.

Arsalan Zarah


Arsalan right, with foster carers Rehana and Bechir with their birth children and previous foster children.

Arsalan right, with foster carers Rehana and Bechir with their birth children and previous foster children.

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