Jena is a child supported by Capstone and she has shared the below update about her work experience placement at  Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

Jena PhotoI attended my work experience at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum (The RAAM) and it was an incredible opportunity that I was extremely grateful to be a part of. The week consisted of an arrangement of activities, trips and jobs to do which included having a tour around the museum, Exeter’s Historical Guildhall, and Cathedral and the RAMM’s ARK where they store thousands of preserved artefacts in their collection. Even though we did a lot of fun and exciting tasks, we also participated in an arrangement of more time consuming and ‘realistic’ jobs that we would undergo as staff such as doing the post run, writing a report about what events would be suitable and engaging for teenagers, copying data onto a computer and waiting at the door to welcome visitors for long durations.

These activities and tasks enabled us to have as fun an experience as we could whilst also giving us an insight on how the work force operates and the time consuming tasks necessary for these so as to not sugar-coat the work done in the Museum. This experience has encouraged me to consider a career in something like conservation, archaeology, specialise in the study of an era, or simply to work through museums alone. I have also established the desire to become a casual at the RAMM, where I would work at the museum through volunteering and could work on days that suit me best. This option is accessible to me at the age of 18 and the freedom of choosing when I work would give me the flexibility to balance my voluntary work with college and a part-time payed job, also.

By Jena Button (15)

IMG_9411The second of our summer activities events took place on Tuesday 9th August at Bristol Zoo Gardens. We met at the entrance at 10:30 a.m. 19 carers, 4 staff members and a whopping 36 children between the ages of 2 and 18 years joined in the fun!

It was a beautiful sunny day which enabled carers and children to explore the Zoo at their own pace and leisure. There were lots of different animals to see including the monkeys, lions, penguins, sea lions, butterflies and many more. Also around the Zoo were different interactive activities for children and adults to join in with and if you were lucky you could see some of the animals being fed. There was also a creative flare to be felt with a number of different sculptures and art work around for people to enjoy. Children could also be creative themselves making face masks in the activity centre. There was lots to do to keep busy!

We re-grouped on the lawn in the gardens at 1 o’clock for a picnic lunch.  After which, carers and children were able to continue exploring the Zoo.  A wonderful day was had by all!

Thanks to all who came!

Feedback from this event:

“Thank you Tina and the Capstone team, just had a really great second day out organised for us! Came home today with 5 very tired kids (aged between 4 and 14!)” from L in Somerset

A from Bath said “they think that Capstone activities are brilliant and that they always enjoy them”

A from Wiltshire (9 years of age) said “the Zoo was cool and my best bit was the bats

For any future visits to Bristol Zoo, foster carers caring for children who are disabled or with a statement of SEN will be able to enter Bristol Zoo free of charge Please see more details on their website

margate juliettaOur team of carers, children and staff at Capstone South East recently got together to enjoy a family day out. Everyone travelled together by coach to enjoy a day at the beach in Margate. We were lucky as the weather was perfect for both the beach and the funfair.

Julietta, a Capstone foster carer said:

“Once boarded  and safely seated on the coach we were all provided with ‘goodie bags’ compliments from Capstone. What a fantastic surprise !. The bag contained fruits, water, healthy snack bar and anti bacteria hand gel.

It was a beautiful turn out with many old and new faces on the coach. The adults chatted amongst each other whilst the children sang songs and played guessing games. New friendships were being formed.”

Upon arrival yet again each family received another surprised gift ‘ ice cream’ money! From Regional Director, Seamus, thanks again!”

The location was a great spot, where teenagers and some carers opted for the funfair and other carers and younger children mostly opted for the beach.

Matthew, a Foster Carer, added:

“What a great family day out! ‘The water is so warm!’ the kids said to me as they splashed about and paddled in the sea. They were right, it was warm! Bucket and spades in tow, we set our sights on building a monster sand castle city.

As well as snacks provided by Capstone, carers brought lunch with them or enjoyed fish and chips on deckchairs on the beach.

Julietta added:

“Without a doubt it was a beautiful day. Many thanks to the staff at Capstone who must have worked very hard to put this event together, in particular the staff who attended and still had their ‘working hat ‘on and kindly provided support and advice …whilst licking ice cream …smiling. “


Regional Director, Seamus, added:

“It’s really important to us to organise events like Margate for all our foster carers. It’s a great opportunity for carers and their children to form friendships with others in similar circumstances. It was delightful that the weather was kind to us on this occasion, and we all had a good time enjoying what Margate had to offer.”

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