Croydon Council has more than 800 children in care and local foster families are needed.   

Capstone Foster Care South East is an independent fostering agency providing foster homes for Croydon children and young people in care.

In a very recent Capstone survey:

  • 98% of children/young people said their Capstone foster carers look after them very well – 82% of them rated their foster carers as amazing!
  • 98% of children/young people said they feel safe with their foster carers
  • 98% rate living with their Capstone foster family as positive
  • 98% told us their Capstone foster carers have encouraged them to take part in activities and join clubs
  • 98% of Capstone foster carers rate our management and social workers highly
  • 98% of foster carers say we value and listen to them
  • 95% tell us that we support foster children and foster carers own children very well
  • 100% of foster carers tell us that we pay their weekly fostering allowances accurately and on time


Capstone Foster Care’s fostering information event is at

The Hallmark Hotel, London Croydon Aerodrome, 680 Purley Way, Croydon CR9 4LT Tel: 0330 028 3403 on Friday 21 April 2017 between 9am and 7.30pm.

Capstone Foster Care is inviting people that have a spare bedroom and are interested in fostering to stop by for a chat to get more information. We’ll be delighted to see you and happy to answer any questions you ask.

Seamus Jennings, Regional Director, Capstone Foster Care South East, says

“Capstone Foster Care has an impressive record and reputation of young people making great progress with our foster carers. We give foster carers the necessary training and support and guidance but it’s their commitment and care which really makes the difference and changes the lives of young people beyond recognition.

Please come and join our team!”       

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