I got involved in a Wolf Run last year and some friends of mine thought it would be a good idea to try for the Alpha Wolf medal in 2017. To receive the medal, you have to do 4 wolf runs in 1 year, so I signed up and set my sights on achieving 4 within the year.

For one reason or another, my friends didn’t sign up in time and I’ve ended up doing the 4 runs as a lone wolf : )



I’ve only got into running last year due to my friends encouraging me to do a mud run and wolf run, I had never ran properly before but I have been doing the odd bits of fitness over the past 2 years as a way of helping cope with life’s daily stresses. So far I have completed 1 run and have another 3 to go so wish me luck!


I look forward to my achievements and receiving my medal and am happy to encourage others to consider fostering.

Capstone Foster Carer


Alison WilliamsAlison, Recruitment Co-ordinator,  from our Midlands team has been fundraising again. Alison hosted a ladies night to raise money for in support of the Brain Tumour Charity in support of her friend, Charlotte, 25, who has been living with terminal brain cancer for 3 years.

The event was attended by local ladies, and they enjoyed a raffle, auction and pop up shops. On the night they raised £111, Capstone will be matching the amount raised. Charlotte who has been named as a Young Ambassador for the Brain Tumour Charity, said: “I am very grateful to everyone for their support.”


Alison said: “I was happy to support Charl with fundraising and raising awareness, she has now been named a young ambassador for the Brain Tumour Charity and I am extremely proud of her and others that continue to keep positive and strive to achieve more for themselves and others in a similar situation. Helping others and remaining positive when faced with negative situations/circumstances is important, together we achieve more than alone.”


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Midlands team’s Superhero Children’s Competition, for Foster Care Fortnight.

We had some brilliant entries and although choosing a winner was difficult we’ve decided on the following:

  • 1st place goes to designer girl, her powers are to design and give clothes to the homeless.
  • 2nd place is hugging hero whose power is to know when people are sad, fly over to them with a hug and make them happy.
  • 3rd place is love is all you need whose special power is to get along because love is the most important thing in life.

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Admin manager Kay said: “They were all exceptionally brilliant!”

Regional Director, Sara, said:  “It was very hard to judge we had some brilliant entries”

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