Sharon Dodd Macmillan HikeOn Saturday 8th July, I completed the MacMillan Mighty Hike along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  The hike started in Weymouth, along the cliffs past Durdle Door and down into Lolworth.  First 10 miles completed and first rest stop!  Suntan applied cap on and off we set for the next 7 miles.  This was really tough in the heat as we were up and down cliff faces.  They were incredibly steep and took us over the MoD firing ranges and past the “lost village” of Tyneham.  The final pit stop was at mile 17 then it was a mere 6.7 miles to the finish!  The finish was near Corfe Castle and it was utter elation to cross that finish line and be greeted with a glass of fizz.

I did the walk with my friend Liz.  We had done both the Moon Walk and Shine walk but decided that for this year we wanted something more challenging.  We certainly got it.  However, as we had been training since December ( in all weathers) we were more than ready for this walk!  Typical of England though to give us one of it’s hottest days and not the ideal trekking weather!

We did the walk in 9 hours 30 mins and of the 1203 that started, 1087 finished and I was a very respectable 103!

MacMillan is a very worthy cause as we all know someone who has been affected by Cancer and so are familiar with the great support that MacMillan offers to families and sufferers during a most difficult time.

Now what challenge do I do for 2018 . . . . . .

April 2017 was a very exciting and busy month for the children and young people of Capstone South East.

creative supplies[1]Lara Gray, our recently appointed Children and Young People’s Champion, hosted Creative Workshops for 18 young people known to Capstone Dartford team.

It was a chance for the young people to meet Lara and tell her what is important to them, and what they want from Capstone as an agency. It was also an opportunity for the young people to meet and develop a sense of community with one[1]

Lara asked the younger children to ‘go all out’ when designing a canvas and keepsake box to take home. There was paint, stickers and glitter aplenty used throughout the day. Alongside the creative chaos and fun, she also asked them to create a “My Family” chart which allowed the children to surround an image of them on a blank page with precut out figures representing people and animals important to them. After this task, one of the children expressed some surprise. “I didn’t realise I had so many people around me.” This was a positive way to show our young people that they are not alone. It was also really encouraging that the young people included our foster carers and social workers as part of their family.

Lara was blown away with the response. The level of enthusiasm, ideas and engagement was inspiring. Not to mention the creative masterpieces that were produced throughout the session! We were even treated to a song performed by a wonderfully talented 9-year-old who was eager to show what she could do!

When asked what the children enjoyed most from the workshop all concurred that meeting and getting to know Lara, the activities and the chance to meet other looked after children were their favourite things.

Some of the ideas that Lara was given will now be translated into more fun days out, learning workshops and support sessions for our children & young people.

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RS Artwork only[1] 2

Croydon Council has more than 800 children in care and local foster families are needed.   

Capstone Foster Care South East is an independent fostering agency providing foster homes for Croydon children and young people in care.

In a very recent Capstone survey:

  • 98% of children/young people said their Capstone foster carers look after them very well – 82% of them rated their foster carers as amazing!
  • 98% of children/young people said they feel safe with their foster carers
  • 98% rate living with their Capstone foster family as positive
  • 98% told us their Capstone foster carers have encouraged them to take part in activities and join clubs
  • 98% of Capstone foster carers rate our management and social workers highly
  • 98% of foster carers say we value and listen to them
  • 95% tell us that we support foster children and foster carers own children very well
  • 100% of foster carers tell us that we pay their weekly fostering allowances accurately and on time


Capstone Foster Care’s fostering information event is at

The Hallmark Hotel, London Croydon Aerodrome, 680 Purley Way, Croydon CR9 4LT Tel: 0330 028 3403 on Friday 21 April 2017 between 9am and 7.30pm.

Capstone Foster Care is inviting people that have a spare bedroom and are interested in fostering to stop by for a chat to get more information. We’ll be delighted to see you and happy to answer any questions you ask.

Seamus Jennings, Regional Director, Capstone Foster Care South East, says

“Capstone Foster Care has an impressive record and reputation of young people making great progress with our foster carers. We give foster carers the necessary training and support and guidance but it’s their commitment and care which really makes the difference and changes the lives of young people beyond recognition.

Please come and join our team!”       

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