We are delighted to tell you we have arranged a Costco membership for all foster carers and staff within the Capstone Foster Care Group.  This will give you significant benefits as a ‘Trade’ member.

Costco has 24 stores throughout England, 3 stores in Scotland and 1 in Wales.  All are open 7 days per week and sell almost everything you might wish to buy at significantly lower prices than offered in normal retail shops.  They regularly issue SAVINGS offer booklets at different periods throughout the year.  A further bonus… bigger savings!

Checkout www.costco.co.uk and be surprised by the range of what you can buy there.  You may be able to save several hundred pounds each year from your visits to Costco.

Here are foster carer friends Julian and Shauna making the most of their membership!

Last week a group of 55 staff, foster carers and children attended the Brokerswood Event Day.

Things were a bit muddy for us but we were lucky to have clear skies and some sunshine. Over the course of the day we were separated into 4 groups which rotated to take part in canoeing, tree climbing, archery and high ropes Tarzan trail. It was a joy to see how much a lot of our children have grown since last year and even better to see them overcome and accomplish some great outdoor challenges.
There was a great atmosphere and buzz throughout the day even after one group capsized their canoe. Thanks again for all that attended. 
L from Trowbirdge stated “We had a fantastic day doing things we wouldn’t normally try.”
C from Bath enjoyed the day and “was going on a bug hunt.”
“It was an excellent day and enjoyed by all I spent the day with” said P from Bristol 
“There was a lovely atmosphere there, and it was really good to spend some time with the children, and some relaxed time with friends!”– R from Somerset

bowood hseThe Capstone Somerset and Bristol teams hosted a summer activity day at Bowood House and Gardens. 38 foster carers and children arrived on the day and we were lucky to be welcomed with clear skies and no rain!

Everyone was free to roam and explore the estate which included a walk down to the caves, waterfall and lake, exploring the house and most importantly playing on the adventure playground which consisted of very big slides, pirate ships lots of things to climb. All in all, a laid-back day was enjoyed by families who deserved this fun day out.


bowood hse lunchHere are some of the lovely comments that were made: –

“Myself and T wanted to send our thanks for the event yesterday at Bowood House – we had a great time and the grounds are beautiful” C from Bristol

“I like the pirate ship best” A (9) from Trowbridge

“I wanted to say thank-you for yesterday we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves especially the children who were on their best behaviour” said L from Trowbridge

“At Capstone, we organise a variety of fun events and get-togethers for our fostering families across the South West Region. It’s our way of supporting families to have fun and we know how important it is to feel a sense of community when you are a foster carer” – Elaine Leitch, Regional Director

If you have attended a Capstone event, and would like to share your experience of the day, please get in touch with our team at marketing@capstonefostercare.co.uk, or send us a message on Facebook.



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