Hundreds of children supported in 2014

overview-of-fosteringStaff and foster carers at Capstone Foster Care enabled 374 children across England to find homes with the fostering agency in 2014.

The need for more foster carers is set to rise this year, especially for those who have specialist skills.

Yvette Schmet, Regional Director for Capstone North explains: “Children with learning disabilities, and complex behaviours show more progress when they are supported by carers who have experience in supporting children with more challenging needs. If we could find more people with these skills, we could support even more children in 2015.”

Often children in foster care have experienced trauma and this may have an impact on the type of support they need.

Yvette added, “There is also a big need for people to foster older children, sibling groups and children from ethnic minorities. We really do need people who are thinking about fostering to come forward and support these children”.

Dean Temple, Regional Director for Capstone Midlands, added: “People with backgrounds in the care industry, nursing and the emergency services make great foster carers. Although if you’re not from one of these backgrounds that shouldn’t put you off from enquiring. Often people don’t realise they have many relevant skills to foster, until they decide to enquire.”

Capstone Foster Care offers training and 24/7 support for foster carers from it’s local offices based across England. If you are thinking of fostering but want to know if you can foster, call our team on 0800 012 4004 or email for some free, friendly advice.

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