Kate Middleton meets foster carers

kate-middleton-300x210The Duchess of Cambridge met foster carers, children and social workers in Islington, to find out more about the work that foster carers do.

Fostering sits well with the Duchess’ own interests, Kate is a regular attendee of events that concern the wellbeing of children and she is also expecting her second child.

On her visit, the Duchess was introduced to a group of foster carers as well as young people who have recently left care. She then joined foster carers for tea and cupcakes and listened to their stories about fostering.

At the end of her visit, Kate was handed a ‘memory box’ from 20-year-old Zoe Witherington, who was fostered from age 10 to 18.

“It was lovely talking to the Duchess, she seemed really interested in fostering,” Zoe said.

The Duchess seemed delighted by the event. ‘I’ve heard a huge amount about fostering, It’s really great for me to have an opportunity to speak to you.’

The event was organized by charity The Fostering Network, who host regular events and campaigns to promote fostering in the UK.




(Photos courtesy of AP / The Fostering Network).

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