My Cookbook

Please submit your recipes  to Rochelle and Adam at Capstone so that we can put together a Capstone Cookbook! Here are some more details:

Each year we take part in raising awareness of fostering through various small projects.  For 2017 we are planning a cookbook, with a fostering theme.  I am looking for recipes’ that have a meaning within your cakefamily, whether it be a special meal that are cooked for special occasions, comfort food for those times when we need a pick-me-up or a special dish you may cook for a young person’s first night in placement.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone with a recipe that they are happy to submit to me, with a list of ingredients and it’s method of cooking or baking.  I would also ask for you to let me know why this dish is important to you or the story behind it.

I am looking for submissions from foster carers, looked after children and young people and birth children.  A whole range of recipes will be considered, from starters, to main meals and puddings, health options and those that may be a little more indulgent.  All recipes’ need to be original due to copy write, so if your recipe is from a cookery book, please let me know so we can change it slightly to make it original.

All recipes can be e-mailed to me Adam & Rochelle 

Good luck we look forward to seeing them.

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