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Foster carers and staff from Capstone Midlands gathered for a festive lunch and celebration of foster carers with an ‘Inspiration Award’ ceremony. They were joined by celebrity singer Kaz Hawkins who spoke and sang about her own experiences of the care system.

The event took place at the Hilton in Warwick, a central location for foster carers across the midlands region. Sara Chambers-Ross, Regional Director for the midlands, organised the event. She said:

“I wanted to organise something really special to the foster carers in the midlands. Each and every carer deserved to be acknowledged for what they do each day to change children’s lives. The Inspiration Awards went to a selection of carers for their outstanding service.”

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Awards were given out to carers by Richard Compton-Burnett, CEO of Capstone Foster Care, Sara Chambers-Ross, Regional Director for the Midlands region and special guest singer Kaz Hawkins. Foster carers were impressed by the celebration, and one added: “The talk by Kaz Hawkins was very touching. Her children were placed in foster care and she delivered a strong message, thanking foster carers like us, for looking after her children when she was unable to do so. It was really interesting to hear her perspective as that viewpoint isn’t often heard.”

The team in the midlands regularly host events and support groups for foster carers. If you are interested in joining us to find out more about fostering please contact us on 0121 374 2650.

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Margaret and Dave, Capstone Foster Carers from Barnsley received this message in a ‘thank you’ card from the girls they support.

People say being in care is a bad thing, but when you’re surrounded by such loving, kind and caring people like you, it is everything I could wish for in a family like yours. We have our bad and our good days, some worse than others, but we will always stick by each other, no matter what. All the family are all so supportive, and caring people. Through the months I have felt more and more like family. You have done so much for me and I couldn’t have been more grateful. One year is a long time and I couldn’t have wished to have spent it with another family. I hope I have done you proud in and out of school. No-one said our journey would be bad and no-one said it would be good. If you ask me it has turned out perfect. November 28th, the whole family welcomed me and S with open arms. That’s when a new chapter started in my life. Who needs real family when you have the best foster family going, who loves and cares more than anyone else. People say fairy tales don’t exist but I believe ours is only just starting. Happy 1 year anniversary.

Happy 1 year anniversary.

Love from V

(p.s Sorry it’s late!)

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On Sunday December 20th 2015 The Devon Office hosted a children’s Christmas party at Plymouth Ski Centre, 15 children (and their adults) enjoyed snow tubing and tobogganing. First was snow tubing which involved hurtling down a hill on what looked like a huge rubber ring, it was quite scary but once in the swing of it was enjoyed by our smallest participant (age 5 to our oldest who’s age I’ll have to guess at 50 something!).

It was a lovely get together for carers, Capstone staff  and for the children to meet and have some fun together.  A traditional Christmas meal was enjoyed together and the home made mince pies for the adults were very tasty!

One child said: “Snow – tubing was very good fun! I made one kind friend. I didn’t go on to start with but after a little while I did it but only half way. The weather was beautiful and kind of cold! .”

Another added: “We went snow-tubing which was really good fun – I enjoyed tobogganing although I was worried, but there wasn’t really anything  to worry about.You had to sit in a ring and slide down and then bring the ring back up the hill again and slide down. It made me feel happy. We were lucky it wasn’t raining.  After that we went up in the cafe to have some lunch, it tasted really nice.”

Anna Lane-Clarke, Family Support Worker said: “For our next day out together I’ve been asked to find out about paintballing, so we shall see if we can get together enough participants for an Easter skirmish!”Child on ski slope

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