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Our HEAD, HEART, HANDS summer activity programme finished with a great day out for 25 children and young people and their carers at Brean Leisure Park.  There were lot’s of fun rides to go on and many to test our courage . Our amazingly brave youngsters were going up in the air, diving from great heights into water and darting around the roller coaster. The park was just the right size for children and young people to shoot off with each other, building their confidence as a group and making new friends. At the same time the youngsters had the closeness to their carer for reassurance.  The day was a wonderful opportunity also for the carers to catch up with each other and feel part of a bigger community with lots of support, learning from each other and giving each other encouragement.


Brean Park Fun Day


Members of our midlands fostering team including one of our foster carers did the Colour Run in Birmingham to raise money for charity.

Jacci, Hayley, Alison and foster carer Dave ran the 5k at the NEC, raising hundreds of pounds for various charities including the NSPCC and Peter Pan Nursery in Stoke-on-Trent which provides specialist care and support for children with special needs.

Despite her recent spinal surgery, Jacci, Head of Quality Assurance, managed to complete the race thanks to her training regime where she had to ‘learn’ how to run again.

Jacci said: “Neuropathy in my legs and feet means that I have to work hard and concentrate on lifting my feet properly. This was a goal for me”.

Alison, who supports foster carers from Stoke and across Staffordshire dressed up as Tinker Bell to run the face, which added to the fun! Running and training for the race has since inspired Alison to take up running and join a running club.

Hayley said; “I was really nervous about running the race, I had been meaning to train for the past 4 months but only went jogging once! Despite this the team were really supportive and the race was really relaxed.”

They all had loads of fun running the race and are hoping to do it again next year as it is a great way to get fit and a fantastic family challenge. If anyone wants to join in next time, please contact us on 0800 012 4004.


Capstone team at the Colour Run

Hayley, Jacci and Alison, ready to run the race

Medium Stiff Bristle Brush, Soft Brush, Body Brush, Hoof Pick, Wide Tooth Mane & Tail Comb , Mane Pulling Comb – what to use when 10 children and young people attended our Head, Heart, Hands programme Pony Care and Riding Day at Lakeview Stud near Bristol. How to approach a pony? What is involved in the daily care before the horses get ridden? This were just some of the question a group of young people learning and working at the stables shared with the children and young people from Capstone.

‘That is quite hard work’ stated one of the young participants, carefully observing the ears of his pony to determine if his care is received with pleasure or if the pony starts worrying. For his friend it was amazing to feel the warm fur of the pony as he hadn’t thought it would feel like it.

Finally – after some intensive pony grooming – in the saddle, everyone learned to move and to stop the pony, to balance hands on the heats and to even touch ones toes whilst in motion. The gently canter was building the confidence on horse back and many wished the time would not come where we had to bring the ponies back to the paddocks and say good buy. Before embarking home everyone received a rosette and a certificate for the day and we heard many intentions for taking up a new hobby.

“Many thanks for organising today. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. ”

“ R really enjoyed today and has made her more enthusiastic about horses an riding with big plans to own her own horse one day, and she is going to ask about helping to look after a horse at her pony club, apparently when you get more experience that is an option. “



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