Support Groups at Capstone

FreweiniAt Capstone we know that it’s important to offer support to carers in a variety of ways. In addition to building relationships with our staff team we also encourage foster carers to get together and support each other too.

That’s why we regularly facilitate support groups, which is an opportunity for carers to meet up, have a chat about fostering, and share ideas on how to make their fostering experience the best that it can be.

The support group was facilitated by Team Manager Roxanne and also attended by new recruit, Priya our Carer Recruitment Assistant who shared updates about Capstone and news about the local team.

On this occasion foster carers got together at a carer’s home. Freweine volunteered to host the support group and to the delight of other carers she prepared a traditional Eritrean buffet for everyone.

Freweini is one our most experienced carers. She has supported over 50 children since she joined Capstone in 2002. Freiweine said:

“I was pleased to host the group at my home it was a great chance to meet each other and get to know better other carers and new staff from Capstone”.

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