Thank you to my foster carers

Margaret and Dave, Capstone Foster Carers from Barnsley received this message in a ‘thank you’ card from the girls they support.

People say being in care is a bad thing, but when you’re surrounded by such loving, kind and caring people like you, it is everything I could wish for in a family like yours. We have our bad and our good days, some worse than others, but we will always stick by each other, no matter what. All the family are all so supportive, and caring people. Through the months I have felt more and more like family. You have done so much for me and I couldn’t have been more grateful. One year is a long time and I couldn’t have wished to have spent it with another family. I hope I have done you proud in and out of school. No-one said our journey would be bad and no-one said it would be good. If you ask me it has turned out perfect. November 28th, the whole family welcomed me and S with open arms. That’s when a new chapter started in my life. Who needs real family when you have the best foster family going, who loves and cares more than anyone else. People say fairy tales don’t exist but I believe ours is only just starting. Happy 1 year anniversary.

Happy 1 year anniversary.

Love from V

(p.s Sorry it’s late!)

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